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Episode 35 – Shawn Woods, Alpha Dog Games

March 31, 2017

Shawn Woods is a gaming veteran of 18 years. His background spans everything from interactive CD-ROMS and TV commercials in the late 90’s to creating Orcs and UI for Dawn of War, Company of Heroes, and Homeworld 2,  art direction at Microsoft, and finally co-founding Alpha Dog Games focusing on mobile games.

Alpha Dog Games was founded in 2012 in Halifax, Canada. Their original game, Wraithborne, was created by 3 full time people and 3 contractors in 6 months. It was featured by Touch Arcade as most anticipated game, and featured by Apple on Launch. It was originally a premium product but has since changed to a lite F2P game due to the market change. Without any ad spend, it has over 1.5 million installs.

Their second game, MonstroCity: Rampage was in development for over 2 years as the team was slowly built up over time. The backend technology was built from scratch and engine/framework was integrated into Unreal Engine 3. The studio is focused on building mobile-first original IP with mass appeal.

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