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  • kenny-roy
    The human element behind gaming
    50 MIN
    April 11, 2017
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  • shawn-woods
    The human element behind gaming
    Unreal Engine,
    43 MIN
    March 31, 2017
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    Shawn Woods is a gaming veteran of 18 years. His background spans everything from interactive CD-ROMS and TV commercials in the late 90’s to creating Orcs and UI for Dawn of War, Company of Heroes, and Homeworld 2, art direction at Microsoft, and finally co-founding Alpha Dog Games focusing on mobile games.

  • Gil-Almogi
    The human element behind gaming
    December 03, 2016
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    Gil Almogi has loved video games since he was young. To that end, he is a freelance video game critic. His particular interests when it comes to games criticism involve representation, identity, and humanity.

  • n3s-hololens
    The story behind the game, and how it came to be.
    63 MIN
    September 22, 2016
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    Andrew Peterson is a software engineer who has spent much of his timing building the N3S, a NES emulator which works on Microsoft's Hololens. Best of all, the current games on display are not only holographic images presented in world space, but , but are also 3D objects in the form of voxels.



Dave Voyles

Interviewer / Producer

I’m a Tech Evangelist at Microsoft, working on gaming and web content. My goal with this show is to share the stories of developers, both new and veterans alike, so that others can learn from their experiences.

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