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Episode 19 – Michael Hicks


michael Hicks

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In this follow up to episode 15, Michael gives a brief postmortem about releasing his first Playstation 4 title.

We discuss the process for getting approved through the ESRB as well as Europe’s PEGI system, in addition to  how to prevent burnout and fatigue from working on one project for too long.

Sony’s fatastic services for independent developers are highlighted as well,  and I inquire about Michael’s decision to stick with MonoGame for his current and future titles.

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Benjamin Briggs

All music is courtesy of Benjamin Briggs.

All music is courtesy of Benjamin Briggs

Benjamin Briggs

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  1. imgua says:

    Far Cry 5 doesn’t exist yet 🙂

    1. Dave Voyles says:

      I actually started going through 4 on PS4 recently!

      I’m not good at numbers 🙂

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