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Episode 34, Gil Almogi, representation and humanity in gaming

December 03, 2016

Edit: I’m aware of the audio inbalance. New hardware on my PC, and I need to check recording balances during production next time!

Gil Almogi has loved video games since he was young. To that end, he is a freelance video game critic. The majority of his work up until recently appeared on Game Revolution, but he has also written for the Sumthing Else blog, Armless Octopus, and Game Music Fans. His particular interests when it comes to games criticism involve representation, identity, and humanity.

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Topics Discussed

  • Started a blog  & asked others if he could write for them – 2012
  • Sumthing Else blog – company that produces music run by Nile Rodgers
  • Contributing through games criticism – digging deeper into what you are playing, how it affects you and others
  • Twitter has been largely a positive experience
  • Representation and humanity – the automatic way we respond to things in games
  • Genital Jousting – Devolver Digital
  • Alt games on
    • Platform for independent developers to distribute games


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